Powerful Prayers for Husband

Powerful Prayers for Husband

Men may put on the macho man image all the time but they crave emotional and spiritual support as much as women. You should, therefore, support them emotionally and spiritually every day. The best way you can do this is by saying a prayer for them. After all, “a prayer a day keeps the devil away”. You will not only be keeping the devil away, but also giving your husband the comfort of knowing the woman he loves is praying for him.

Nothing will say love to your husband than a heartfelt prayer for his overall wellbeing. You don’t have to wait for difficult times to arise before you start praying instead make it a habit to pray for him. Prayer will encourage your husband and help him feel cared for. It will also show him you have his interests at heart.

Morning Prayer For My Husband

Morning Prayer For My Husband

1: Good morning my hubby. I pray that God will guide you today, protect you, and give you the right judgment. I trust that you will have peace and joy as you go on with your day.

2: You are the best reward the Lord gave me, my loving husband. I pray that He grants my love a lovely morning full of His goodness.

3: I declare that the Lord is with, and he will turn every hurdle into a blessing this morning as you start your day. May He show his faithfulness to you this morning and throughout.

4: Dear Lord, I am so grateful that you gave me my loving husband. This morning may you lift him higher than anything he may need in our Lord’s name.

5: The Lord will order your steps and guide you. Where the peace of God is missing, you won’t be found there either. I pray that God guards you and His blessings overtake you my husband.

6: As you go on with your morning, I pray that the love and joy of the Lord be with you. May He make all your paths straight and ridden with straightforward.

7: I pray that your morning is as full of sunshine as the day. May you have a safe ride and may God watch over you this morning.

8: As you leave and start your day, I pray that God will be by your side and not once depart from there. He will give you direction and lead to on the right path. I love you, my husband.

9: God is the one who helps us accomplish what we plan. Today as you plan your day, I pray that God will give you the wisdom and strength to achieve all your plans.

10: My love as you have given me unconditional love, may the good Lord give you the same love and joy every step of the way.

11: This morning my husband, I pray that you might be safe from everything that the evil one had planned and that the Lord will be your protector.

12: I pray that your morning will be filled with the Lord’s favor and happiness. I trust that it will go smoothly to give you the best start of a great day ahead.

Prayer For My Husband Protection

Prayer For My Husband Protection

13: I pray that the Lord be your shepherd and that His eyes will not leave you even once. May He envelop you in His love until I see you again tonight.

14: I pray that the good Lord will keep you safe and protect you from your enemies. I pray that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

15: I pray that God will protect you, and you will not step where Satan and his agents are present. May divine protection envelop you everywhere.

16: May the Lord keep you safe my husband. I pray that he sends His angels to protect you and remove you from all unsafe situations. I Jesus name I pray.

17: I pray that no evil will come near you my love. I declare that you will only hear about evil and pass it by, but it will not come into contact with you.

18: Lord, I pray that you shield my husband from all illnesses the world has. I pray you to be his strength during any difficult moment giving him joy and peace to let him know that you are watching from above. May he safely go everywhere he needs to go. Amen.

19: I want to thank God for your presence in my life. I pray that He will keep you safe so that you remain with me forever.

20: Lord, I will give you thanks once again this evening if you let your cover be over my husband. Keep him safe from the evil one, and all glory shall be unto you.

21: My dear husband, I commit you before the Lord because, in His arms, no harm can come your way. May he cover you and open your eyes to see danger and avoid it before it happens.

22: The Lord watches over the people that He loves, and I pray that His presence be your portion so that you become immune from all the evil that the devil sends your way. Amen.

Prayer For My Husband Success

Prayer For My Husband Success

23: I pray that the blessings of the Lord will catch you and overtake you. May he rain his rain of success your way in Jesus’ name.

24: Success comes from you Lord and knowing that I come before your throne of mercy to pray that you give my husband unrivaled success now and always. Amen.

25: Lord, I pray that you make my husband successful in everything that he does. From providing for his family, socializing with friends to doing his job.

26: I declare that my hubby’s life is full of favor. Good life and success will follow him all the days of his life. The mercy of the Lord will be with him always. Amen.

27: I decree that all that my husband does is blessed. He is highly favored and the mercies of the Lord are upon him. He is going to see victory in all his endeavors. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

28: Lord, I pray that you pour your blessings in everything that my husband sets his hands on. I ask Lord that you multiply his hard work to give him double portions. Amen.

Prayer For My Husband At Work

29: God, I present my husband before you. I ask that he may find undeserved favor at work that can only come from you. I pray that you light his way, and your grace will be upon him always.

30: Lord, I pray that you may watch over my husband at work. I bind all the plans that the evil one has to derail his efforts. Thank you lord.

31: Father, may you bestow undeserved favor upon my husband. I pray that he may be promoted and given recognition for his hard work. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

32: Lord, may you touch my husband’s boss so that he can love him with your love. May you expand my husband’s mind so that he can think of new ways to do his work to get the best results. Amen.

33: Lord may you send clients to my husband’s work so that he may make more and use it for the glory of your name.

34: I declare that many victories and breakthroughs will follow my husband and he will never fail. I decree that he will do exceptionally well in all his duties.

35: I pray that my husband will always be the preferred worker, and the one everyone goes to seek advice. Lord, I pray that you bestow your wisdom upon him, Father so that he can be able to help everyone to better their jobs.

36: God, I pray that you give my husband peace of mind and concentration so that he can do his work diligently and become successful in it. Amen.

37: I declare that my husband will have a love of God in him and extend it to other people at work. May the coworkers and bosses love him back so that they can work in one accord. Amen.

38: I declare there shall be no accidents or incidents to interfere with my husband’s work, and whatever comes along his way, God will grant him the wisdom and patience to deal with it.

39: Lord, I pray that every effort my husband puts in his work will bear fruit. I declare that he will put in a little effort and get significant results. I claim that his work has no errors that bring admonition.

40: Lord, I commit my husband’s business before you. I declare that it is successful and gives him more than he has ever gotten from it. All glory and honor will go to you. Amen.

41: Dear Lord, I pray that your hand may be seen in my husband’s job. Pour your blessings in his work so that he can do it to perfection. I pray for optimum health so that he can do his duties without as is expected.

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