Good Morning Messages for Friend

Good Morning Messages for Friend

Friends are a big part of our lives. Actually such a big part that research shows that having strong friendships is essential for happiness and health and overall well-being of a human being. That is why it feels so disappointing when a friendship ends. You feel an overwhelming sadness and even pray that you could get back together. Friendship like everything else needs to be nurtured. Don’t just neglect your friendships and hope that they will grow on their own, or they will still be there when you are done with other things.

To maintain your friendship, you should constantly check out your on friends and communicate with them. One way to communicate is through sending them messages several times in a day. To make it easy for you, we have composed hundreds of messages you can send your friend in the morning. These messages will strengthen your bond and make your friend know that you thought about them first thing in the morning. Come with me below and choose what you think best suits your friend.

Normal Good Morning Messages For Friend

Normal Good Morning Messages For Friend

1: Good morning dear friend. I hope you slept s well as I did. I just wanted to wish you a great day ahead.

2: Good morning pal. I hope that today you tick all the items as done on your “to-do list”.

3: Good morning? I want to remind you once again that our friendship means so much to me.

4: I am so glad to have you as my friend, and I really appreciate all the difference you have made in my life since we became friends. Good morning.

5: Life is hard and requires lots of hard work, but I dot mind putting in hard work to keep you as my friend. Good morning.

6: Good morning? I already wish it was lunch hour just so that we can have our lunch date and I get to hear the hilarious account of your a.m.

7: Good morning. I hope you are still keeping up being a morning person. If you are not my morning message is meant to give you that push so wake up now.

8: Wake up, my friend. Just wanted to remind you that you should set out on your day with an attitude of conquering all you set to do. Good morning.

Sweet Good Morning Messages For Friends

Sweet Good Morning Messages For Friends

9: What a gorgeous morning this is. It has reminded me of my equally gorgeous friend, and I decided to say good morning.

10: I love hearing stories, but I love your stories the most because you make me laugh so hard. I can’t wait to meet you just to listen to your stories. Good morning.

11: I think I am such a slow learner. I have been friends with the hardest working person I have ever known. Still, that has not given me the motivation to work. Good morning busy bee.

12: If I had to go back to kindergarten and choose friends all over again, I would do exactly what I did to become your friend. I would still interrupt all your conversations until you notice me again. Good morning.

13: You are so kind to me, and that is what endeared me to you. When everyone else thought I was stuck up, you stood by my side and risked losing your other friends. Good morning dear.

14: I find it funny that people still believe that you have to get out of bed to start off the day well. With friends like you, all I need to have a great start is to just remain in bed and remember the great time we are going to have later in the day. Good morning.

15: It is no longer dark because the sun is already here to shine in our lives. Wake up it’s a new day, and anything is possible if you only wake up and get started. Good morning dear friend.

16: Good morning. This is a reminder from one friend to another. That what has passed cannot be changed and today has new opportunities open for you. Today is a new chance to write your story afresh.

17: This morning I want to wish you a smile to kick off the day, a prayer to keep bad luck from you and a song to keep you thinking about our friendship the whole day. Good morning.

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages For Friends

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages For Friends

18: You are the kindest human being I know, and I am not saying this because you are my friend. It’s because you truly have a heart of gold.

19: I don’t know if I can become as generous as you are to me. You still have no boundaries with your things even when I do. Thanks for showing me what sharing is. Good morning.

20: Most of the things I have done in my life are as a result of having you as a friend. If I didn’t learn the daring mentality from you, I would still be stuck where you found me. Good morning.

21: Good morning dear friend. Today I just want you know that you are not a burden to me and helping you is like helping a family member. Never feel afraid to tell me anything you need because I can’t even repay your goodness to me. Good morning.

22: I am so lucky to have you as my friend. You are so good to me and you don’t even count all the times I am mean to you. You have taught me the true meaning of never keeping grudges. Good morning.

23: If being rich is having a lot of money, then I am a rich person. But all the money I have hasn’t earned me a single genuine friend. That is why I treasure you so much because you have been with me when I have nothing. Good morning.

24: This is for you, my lovely friend. A good morning wish to make your whole day better. It is my hope that this message will make your morning brighter and more beautiful. Good morning.

25: It doesn’t matter what I am going through; be it a sickness, loneliness, a dress down by my mean boss or nasty coworkers. All I need is to think of exceptional human beings like you my friend. Good morning.

26: This is morning message for my beautiful friend. I hope that you have a day as bright as you. May you enjoy every bit of the day and keep your bright smile on. Good morning.

27: I have a suggestion for you. Decide if you want to spend your day in bed and do nothing or spend it with me and create memories we are going to remember forever. Have a good morning dear friend.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Friends

28: Many are the times I find myself wondering when we are going to take our friendship to the next level. Then I shudder when I remember I am married and you are only my friend and I don’t have the choice of marrying you. Good morning dear friend.

29: Good morning lazy bone! I know you don’t want to leave your friend the blanket. I wanted to remind you not to mourn because you will be reunited with them soon tonight.

30: What an exercise in futility I engage in every morning. Sending a good morning message that I am very sure will get read at 1 pm. Anyway, that is none of my business. Good morning.

31: I envy the kind of attitude that you have. Out of the multitude of friends I have, you are the only one who I am sure loves waking up before the sun. Good morning.

32: Lately, I can’t sleep in till lunch hour. So now it is only irritatingly 9 O’clock and I don’t have any plans yet. So I decided to use this early morning to wake up my dear friend. Good morning.

33: Good morning? Please wake up and tell me that you are as angry as I am to realise that the night has cheated us of hours. We just got to sleep and now its day time already?

34: Good morning. Yesterday night I set the alarm for today so that I can wake you up early to go to work. And also to let you know that I am on leave and as you leave for work I will be dead asleep again.

35: Sometimes I wonder to myself If we would still be friends if we weren’t both early risers. The way we wake each other up to let one another know we are not alone is the glue that makes me stick to you. Good morning?

36: Who else is as lucky as me to have a friend who really gets me? A friend who never gets mad at me at all when I laugh at their blunders. You have really made me understand what friends are for. Good morning.

Written by Cristina Mari Arreola

Cristina Mari Arreola is the Senior Books Editor at Hackstrive, where she writes about literary fiction, nonfiction, young adult novels, romance novels,